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UNV Junction Box For IPC323X Series TR-JB04-C-IN-SE


Brand: UNV

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Uniview Junction Box With Lid Suits Dome/ Fixed Dome White Aluminium Alloy - 3holes For Cam MTD 144.8DIAx40H (mm) NPS 3/4" Thread 0.3 Kg






UNV Junction Box For IPC323X Series TR-JB04-C-IN-SE


The Uniview TR-JB04-C-IN-SE Junction Box With Lid is a high-quality and durable solution for mounting your Dome or Fixed Dome cameras. Made from white aluminium alloy, this junction box is built to withstand tough weather conditions and provide a secure and long-lasting enclosure for your cameras. 

One of the standout features of this junction box is its sturdy construction, weighing in at only 0.3 Kg. Despite its lightweight design, it provides a stable and secure mounting solution for your cameras, without the need for additional support or equipment. The junction box comes with a lid, which provides additional protection against environmental factors such as dust, rain, and other harsh conditions.

The Uniview TR-JB04-C-IN-SE Junction Box is designed to be compatible with Dome or Fixed Dome cameras, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications. It has three holes for camera mounting, with a size of MTD 144.8DIAx40H (mm), ensuring compatibility with a variety of cameras. The junction box is also equipped with an NPS 3/4" thread, which provides a secure and stable mounting solution for your cameras. This thread is compatible with a wide range of mounting options, making it easy to install the junction box in any location.

Thanks to its weather-resistant design, the Uniview TR-JB04-C-IN-SE Junction Box provides a secure and reliable enclosure for your cameras, protecting them from dust, rain, and other environmental factors. This reduces the risk of damage and prolongs the lifespan of your cameras, ensuring reliable performance and peace of mind.