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Surveillance Master offers our Lower Price Guarantee for all items. If you find the same item at the same or lower price by other retailers, within the same day, let us know and we’ll give you a price match or lower price (or we’ll give you a 1-5% discount to cover the difference).

your product may be eligible for price matching if it meets the following:

  1. Identical to the competitor's product.
  2. Our competitor has it in stock.
  3. The benchmark price must be against local and physical competitors


Please note that our lower price guarantee is not valid if:

  1. The item has been purchased from our website. the Price Match Guarantee is only valid before you purchase in our store.
  2. The item has already been sold at a discount.
  3. The item is sold with any of the following criteria:

     - Offers from competitors, including service prices (including delivery and installation fees), pre-order offers, and liquidation offers.

     - Pricing errors whether made by us or the competitor

     - Coupon and gift card offers whether offered by us or a competitor

     - Any financing offers, and subscription services whether provided by us or a competitor

     - Refurbished products whether offered by us or competitor