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LOX ES20M No Fire Rating: High Security Electric Strike 10-30VDC Australian Footprint Monitor

Brand: LOX

Lox Locking High Security Electric Strike 10-30vdc Australian Footprint Monitored




LOX ES20M High-Security Electric Strike, Aus.FP, Monitored, PTL/PTO, 12/30VDC.





The LOX ES20M High-Security Electric Strike is an exceptional locking solution that offers unparalleled security and functionality. Designed specifically for the Australian market, this electric strike is meticulously crafted with advanced features and cutting-edge technology.

One of the standout features of the LOX ES20M is its simple power to lock/power to release interchange system. This ingenious mechanism allows for quick and effortless switching between power to lock (PTL) and power to release (PTO) modes. With a few simple adjustments, the strike can be easily configured to cater to different security requirements.

One of the key advantages of the LOX ES20M is its innovative construction, which eliminates the use of loose pins and springs. This design ensures enhanced durability and reliability, as there are no vulnerable parts that can be easily damaged or compromised. It provides peace of mind knowing that the strike will consistently perform at its optimal level, even under high-stress conditions.

The 10mm strike lip of the LOX ES20M is pre-drilled for extension lips, adding to its versatility and ease of installation. This feature saves time and effort during setup, allowing for a seamless fit within the door frame. Whether it is a new installation or retrofitting an existing door, the LOX ES20M offers convenience and precision.

The multi-voltage capability of the LOX ES20M sets it apart from its counterparts. With the ability to operate within a wide voltage range of 10-30VDC, it offers flexibility and compatibility with various power systems. This adaptability makes it suitable for a range of applications, ensuring it can integrate seamlessly with different access control solutions.

The LOX ES20M carries both fire-rated and RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) approvals, signifying its compliance with strict safety and regulatory standards. This certification guarantees that the electric strike meets the necessary requirements to be installed in fire-rated doors and legal requirements set by relevant authorities.

One of the standout features of the LOX ES20M is its superior holding strength. With its robust construction and powerful locking mechanism, it provides exceptional resistance against forced entry attempts, enhancing overall security and protection.

Additionally, the LOX ES20M incorporates a built-in hall effect sensor, known as the lock status sensor (LSS). This sensor monitors the lock/unlock status of the locking device, providing real-time feedback on the operational state of the strike. This feature enables comprehensive monitoring and control of access points, enhancing security management and preventing unauthorized access.

Furthermore, the LOX ES20M is equipped with a built-in reed switch contact, known as the door status sensor (DSS). This contact monitors the open/closed status of the door, allowing for seamless integration with security systems to provide information on the door's status. This feature ensures proper auditing and system monitoring, enabling quick response in case of any security breaches or failures.



  • Simple power to lock/power to release interchange
  • No loose pins and springs
  • 10mm strike lip pre-drilled for extension lips
  • Multi-voltage: 10-30VDC
  • Fire-rated and RCM approvals
  • Superior holding strength
  • Built-in hall effect sensor for monitoring the lock/ unlock status of the locking device (LSS - lock status sensor)
  • Built-in reed switch contact for monitoring the open/closed status of the door (DSS - door status sensor)