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LOX ES10M No Fire Rating: Electric Strike 12/24VDC ANSI Style Monitored (Not Weather Resistant)

Brand: LOX

The LOX Locking LOX-ES10M is the monitored version of the ES10 strike. This lock is designed to be morticed into a door frame on a single swing door equipped with either a mortice lock or a cylindrical tongue lock. The ES10M is pre-drilled to accomodate for extention lips and is easily interchangeable from fail-secure to fail-safe with the use of a small screwdriver.





LOX ES10M Electric Strike, ANSI, Monitored DSS, PTL/PTO, 12/24VDC.



The LOX ES10M Electric Strike is a cutting-edge access control device that combines advanced security features and convenient monitoring capabilities. Specifically designed in the ANSI style, this electric strike can be easily integrated into access control systems operating on a 12/24VDC power supply.

One of the standout features of the ES10M is its monitoring capability. Equipped with a Door Status Sensor (DSS), this electric strike provides real-time feedback on the status of the door, ensuring that the access control system is always aware of the door's position. This monitoring functionality adds an additional layer of security and allows for seamless integration with security management systems.

The ES10M offers the flexibility of both power-to-lock (PTL) and power-to-open (PTO) operations. This means that the electric strike can be configured to either lock the door when power is applied or release the door when power is applied, depending on the specific security requirements of the installation. This interchangeability ensures compatibility with different access control system configurations and enhances the overall flexibility of the device.

With dimensions of 125 x 42 x 35mm, the ES10M is compact in size, making it suitable for installations with limited space. Despite its smaller footprint, it boasts an impressive holding force of over 1200kg, effectively preventing unauthorized access and ensuring a high level of security.

It is important to note that the ES10M electric strike is not weather-resistant, and therefore, it is recommended for indoor use only. While it may not withstand extreme weather conditions or exposure to the elements, it is still a highly reliable and durable solution for secure access control.

Installing and using the ES10M is a straightforward process, thanks to its user-friendly design and clear instructions. Whether it is locksmiths, security integrators, or building managers, users will find the installation process to be hassle-free and time-saving.



  • Simple power to lock/power to release interchange
  • Pre-drilled for extension lips
  • Dual-voltage: 12 or 24VDC
  • Fire rated
  • Door status sensor (door latch monitoring)