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LOX ES10-EL25 No Fire Rating: ES10 Extension Lip 25mm


Brand: LOX
SKU: ES10-EL25

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the LOX ES10-EL25 ES10 Extension Lip is a reliable accessory that enhances the installation and functionality of the ES10 Electric Strike on doors with non-standard thickness. Its ability to allow for latch-free entry into the strike's jaw, avoidance of frame interference, and compatibility with both aluminium and timber frames make it a versatile and practical addition to your door security system. With its 25mm extension and sleek black finish, the ES10-EL25 Extension Lip provides a seamless and secure fit for your specific door requirements. Choose the LOX ES10-EL25 Extension Lip for superior performance and enhanced security in your locking system




LOX ES10 Extension Lip, 25mm




The LOX ES10-EL25 ES10 Extension Lip is a purpose-built accessory designed to enhance the installation and functionality of the ES10 Electric Strike on doors with a different thickness than the standard 1 3/4 thick door that closes flush. This extension lip allows for seamless integration of the electric strike system, ensuring a secure and reliable locking mechanism.

The primary function of the LOX ES10-EL25 Extension Lip is to enable the latch to enter the jaw of the strike freely. This ensures that the latch engages with the strike without any obstructions, providing a smooth and secure locking mechanism. With a 25mm extension, this accessory allows for precise alignment and compatibility with doors of varying thickness, guaranteeing optimal performance.

One of the standout features of the LOX ES10-EL25 Extension Lip is its ability to avoid interference from the door frame. Many times, door frames can hinder the proper functioning of the lock. However, this extension lip effectively resolves this issue by allowing the engagement point of the strike to extend beyond the frame. As a result, the lock operates smoothly without any hindrances, ensuring consistent and reliable security.

The LOX ES10-EL25 Extension Lip is specifically designed for use on both aluminium and timber frames, making it compatible with a wide range of door types. This versatility allows for easy installation and ensures a secure fit, regardless of the door material, adding convenience and flexibility to your locking system.

In terms of specifications, this extension lip measures 25mm in size, providing an adequate extension for doors with varying thicknesses. With compatibility tailored for the ES10 Electric Strike, the LOX ES10-EL25 Extension Lip guarantees a perfect fit and seamless integration with your existing locking system.

Featuring a sleek black finish, the extension lip not only enhances its aesthetics but also adds durability. The black finish ensures a visually appealing accessory while providing resistance against corrosion, wear, and other environmental factors.