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LOX AMAB1-DSS Stick-on Armature Holder Incl. Dress Plate For Em5700m / Em5700dm Monitored


Brand: LOX

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Glass Door Stick-On Armature Plate Holder for Monitored FEM 5700M & 5700DM, req. 3M Tape


Fire tested for up to 4 hours to both A.S and B.S standards, the FEM5700 magnetic locks range from the simple "no frills" non-monitored economy line to the fully monitored, LSS, DSS, and long-distance Light Panel (LP) models. The holding force of the FEM5700 Series is up to 580 kg. The device can be interfaced with building management and access control systems to control access and egress to hinged doors, including fire-rated models.