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Dahua Access Control Extension Module DHI-DEE1010B

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Brand: DAHUA

Dahua Access Control Extension Module with Decent appearance, Easy connection, Access control function extension.




Dahua Access Control Extension Module DHI-DEE1010B


The Dahua DHI-DEE1010B Access Control Extension Module is an exceptional device that boasts a myriad of impressive features. With its sleek and decent appearance, it seamlessly blends into any environment, providing a sophisticated and modern touch to any access control system.

One of the standout features of this extension module is its easy connection capability. It does not require complex setups or extensive wiring, making installation a breeze. The module can be effortlessly integrated with existing access control systems, minimising downtime and ensuring smooth operation.

Furthermore, this extension module offers a remarkable access control function extension. It expands the capabilities of the system, empowering users with enhanced control over who enters their premises. With the ability to support various access control methods such as card, password, or combination, it caters to diverse security requirements.

Featuring advanced technology, the Dahua DHI-DEE1010B Access Control Extension Module provides robust security measures. It supports high-security encryption algorithms, preventing unauthorized access or manipulation of sensitive data.

The module also comes equipped with a user-friendly interface, allowing for intuitive and convenient operation. It provides a clear and concise display, enabling users to navigate and manage access control settings easily. 

Durability is another notable aspect of the Dahua DHI-DEE1010B Access Control Extension Module. Constructed using high-quality materials, it is built to withstand harsh environments and heavy usage. Its robust design ensures long-lasting performance, minimising the need for frequent maintenance or replacements.



  • Decent appearance
  • Easy connection
  • Access control function extension