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Elvox 4-button module, light grey ELV8004


Brand: ELVOX
SKU: ELV8004

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Elvox 8000 Series Modular 4 Button Module Silver Apartment Mechanical Button Plastic Alarm Input 111Hx96.8Wx18.8D (mm)






Elvox 8000 Series 4-Button Standard Module Light Grey Ral 7035


The Elvox ELV8004 8000 Series Modular 4 Button Module is a versatile and efficient component designed for use in apartment buildings. This module is part of the 8000 Series Modular range from Elvox, which offers a flexible and modular solution for various intercom and access control systems.

Featuring a sleek silver finish, the ELV8004 module adds a touch of modern elegance to any setting. Its dimensions of 111H x 96.8W x 18.8D (mm) make it compact yet highly functional, allowing for easy integration into existing infrastructure.

The module boasts four mechanical buttons, providing users with multiple options for access control and intercom communication. Each button is strategically placed to ensure intuitive operation, allowing residents to easily interact with visitors or manage different functions within the building.

Made from high-quality plastic material, the ELV8004 module delivers durability and longevity, ensuring reliable performance over time. Its construction withstands the rigors of daily use, providing a resilient solution for busy apartment environments.

In addition to its intercom and access control capabilities, the ELV8004 module also includes an alarm input feature. This feature allows for seamless integration with alarm systems, enhancing the security and safety measures of the building.

The modular design of the 8000 Series enables easy expansion and customization of the intercom system. By combining this module with other compatible components, such as audio receivers, video monitors, or additional modules, users can scale the system to accommodate their specific requirements.




  •  4-button standard module,
  • Light grey RAL 7035
  • Dimension: 111Hx96.8Wx18.8D (mm)