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Dahua 7inch Digital DHI-VTH2421FW-P


Brand: DAHUA

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Dahua  7" TFT Capacitive touch screen, 1024 x 600, IPC surveillance, Alarm integration, High performance & Cost-effective, Embedded 8GB SD card, Support standard PoE.







Dahua IP Indoor Monitor 7inch Digital  DHI-VTH2421FW-P


The Dahua DHI-VTH2421FW-P is a cutting-edge 7" TFT capacitive touch screen that offers an immersive and interactive user experience. Its high-resolution display of 1024 x 600 ensures crystal-clear visuals, allowing users to view images and videos with exceptional clarity and detail.

Designed to cater to the needs of surveillance applications, this device supports IPC surveillance. This means that it can seamlessly integrate with IP cameras, enabling users to monitor their premises and access real-time footage directly from the touch screen. The IPC surveillance feature enhances security by providing a comprehensive view of the surroundings and facilitating quick response to any potential threats.

In addition to its surveillance capabilities, the DHI-VTH2421FW-P also allows for alarm integration. This means that it can be seamlessly connected to alarm systems, providing an all-in-one solution for security management. Users can receive and respond to alerts and notifications directly from the touch screen, enhancing their ability to take prompt action in case of emergencies.

The DHI-VTH2421FW-P not only delivers exceptional performance but is also highly cost-effective. Its advanced features and capabilities make it an excellent investment for any security-conscious organisation or individual. With its seamless integration with IP cameras and alarm systems, it eliminates the need for separate devices, reducing overall costs and simplifying operation and maintenance.

To provide convenient storage options, this touchscreen comes with an embedded 8GB SD card. Users can conveniently store recordings and other data directly on the device, ensuring that critical information is readily accessible when needed. This feature streamlines data management and enhances efficiency in surveillance operations.

Additionally, the DHI-VTH2421FW-P supports standard Power over Ethernet (PoE). This means that it can receive both power and data through a single Ethernet cable, simplifying installation and eliminating the need for extra wiring. The PoE support further enhances the cost-effectiveness of the device, as it reduces the infrastructure requirements and minimises cable clutter.



  •  7" TFT Capacitive touch screen, 1024 x 600
  •  IPC surveillance
  •  Alarm integration
  •  High performance & Cost-effective
  •  Embedded 8GB SD card
  •  Support standard PoE