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U-Prox MP LTE Center White SMART9435


Brand: U-PROX

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U-Prox MP LTE Center White SMART9435



  • 30 protection groups, 60 users
  • Encrypted radio communication - up to 4800 m, 200 wireless devices in the system
  • 99 sensors
  • 16 keyboards
  • 60 keychains
  • 20 automation devices
  • Encrypted two-way communication with a 256-bit key
  • Stable operation in case of interference: two radio transmitters working at the same time with automatic sensitivity adjustment, several radio channels, and jamming detection
  • Custom app, for management only
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and LTE (4G) communication channels
  • Simple installation, configuration from the mobile application, Wi-Fi configuration via Bluetooth
  • External 12V power supply, easy replacement or connection of another
  • Power backup – up to 24 hours of operation without mains power
  • Update the firmware of the hub and devices over the air (OTA)
  • Development listening to users
  • Two body colors
  • Autonomous operation or connection to security panels

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