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Bosch Solution 6000 Unlock Key - Single Use CM255B

Brand: BOSCH

Bosch Solution Panel Unlock Key 1 Use Only: - The Solution 6000 unlock key resets the install code and RAS access to 1234 and 12345678 respectively without defaulting any other programming. - This is works even when the original installer has been locked out. -This key can only be used ONCE.






Bosch Solution 6000 Unlock Key - Single Use CM255B


Selected Solution control panels include a software option thaat when selected will disable the factory desaulting option. If this option has been set, then you must know the current installer PIN code to access programming mode or to default the panel. Table 2 lists the current panels which support the CM255B default module.

To determine of the panel has been factory default disabled, remove all power to the panel and then re-apply the power. If the on board relay pulses or clicks five times then defaulting has been desabled.

In the field many situations arise where it is not possible to determine the current installer PIN code. Until now, the only remedy for this was to remove the control panel and return it to the distributor for factory defaulting. Panel removal, transportation costs, Installer labour and the possibility of damage during trandit make this is a costly exercise

The CM255B factory default module has been designed to eliminate the need to un-wire the control panel or spend the time and money returning it to the factory for defaulting.


  • High-security module with anti-substitution protection and resettable fuse protection on power-out terminals
  • Supports Single, Alarm+Tamper, and Split EOL, with up to 15 different EOL Resistor options
  • 6 Power Out terminals simplify wiring; outputs are overload and short circuit proof
  • Service Code Pad connection point
  • LAN Termination Shunt and status indicators included.




  • The CM255B is a one-time-only use device. discard after use.
  • All current control panel programming may be lost if you proceed
  • There is no warranty provided with this product because of its disposable nature. Once used the module should be discarded
  • Even if the original installer is locked out, this method works.



the CM255B is compatible with the following Solution control panels:

Panel Type Supported  Default Time Performed
Solution 16i YES Complete Factory Deafult
Solution 16Plus YES Complete Factory Deafult
Solution 64 YES Complete Factory Deafult
Solution 144 YES Installer code & RAS pin Defaulted only