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Bosch Radion Wireless Universal Transmitter Reed RFUN

Brand: BOSCH

Bosch Radion Series Wireless Reed Switch With Input White Detection GAP 12.7mm 1 Input (DRY) Plastic Surface Mount 433MHz 1 x CR123A Battery (3.3V) 33.02Hx82.55Wx19.5D (mm) Suits RFRC-OPT/ B810 Contact 18.5Hx24.5Wx12.5D Magnet With Screw Terminals.






Bosch Radion Wireless Universal Transmitter Reed RFUN

RADION wireless security solution from Bosch provides the range, scalability and exceptional battery life required to ensure reliable performance and superior quality. Advanced diagnostics and multiple device enrollment options make installation and maintenance simple and cost effective. With a complete line of peripherals, RADION provides the flexibility for virtually any application requirement.

The Bosch RFUN is a universal wireless transmitter used for monitoring doors, windows, and dry contact devices. It is perfect for situations where you have a door or window with a frame type that won't allow a normal wireless reed switch to attach to it.


  • Single alarm loop input can be configured for use with virtually any Normally Open or Normally Closed external detector
  • Integrated magnetic reed switch contact
  • Supervised for low-battery, cover-tamper, and removal from mounting surface tamper conditions
  • Operational for up to 5 years using a single-user replaceable CR123A lithium battery.


RADION universal is magnetic and dry contact wireless detector and transmitter which is appropriate for monitoring doors, windows, or other dry contact devices. The transmitter has a cover and wall tamper switch, and RF supervision. Additional capabilities also
include the ability to accept a supervised dry contact input from an external device. The external loop input may be configured for use with either Normally Open or Normally Closed dry contact devices.



  • RF3212E Receiver
  • Radion SD12 bus-compatible receiver
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