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Dahua PoE Over Coax Transmitter – Supports Standard PoE Switches and Cameras LR1002-1ET

Brand: DAHUA
SKU: LR1002-1ET

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Poe Over Coax Transmitter - Supports Standard Poe/Epoe Switches And Cameras




Dahua PoE Over Coax Transmitter – Supports Standard PoE Switches and Cameras LR1002-1ET



The Dahua PoE Over Coax Transmitter LR1002-1ET is a cutting-edge device designed to extend Power over Ethernet (PoE) signals over long distances using existing coaxial cables. Specifically designed to support both standard PoE switches and cameras, this device extends the reach of power and data transmission for IP cameras or other network devices in a simple and cost-effective manner.

With standard PoE technology, the LR1002-1ET extends the transmission distance of PoE signals up to an impressive 1,000 meters (3,281 feet). This extended distance allows for exceptional flexibility in network deployment, making it ideal for large areas or remote locations where additional cabling may not be feasible or cost-effective.

The LR1002-1ET supports data rates of up to 100Mbps, ensuring high-speed and stable data transmission for demanding applications. This means that video feeds from IP cameras and other network devices can be reliably transmitted over long distances without any loss of quality or latency issues.

Installation of the LR1002-1ET is straightforward and hassle-free. The device is designed to work seamlessly with existing coaxial cable infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly cable replacements. Simply connect the LR1002-1ET to the coaxial cable, and it will automatically detect and extend the PoE signal without requiring any additional configuration or setup.

The LR1002-1ET is equipped with comprehensive surge protection, ensuring the reliable and secure transmission of data and power signals in challenging environments. This protection guards against surges that may occur due to lightning or electrical disturbances, safeguarding your network equipment from damage.

This PoE over coax transmitter is designed with efficiency in mind, consuming low power and providing energy savings. This feature makes it an environmentally-friendly solution while reducing operational costs over time.

With its compact and durable design, the LR1002-1ET can be easily mounted on a wall or placed in a small networking cabinet. Its robust construction ensures reliability and longevity, even in demanding industrial or outdoor environments.

The LR1002-1ET is compatible with standard PoE switches and cameras, allowing for seamless integration into existing network infrastructures. This compatibility ensures ease of use and compatibility with other PoE devices, providing a comprehensive and reliable networking solution.


Dahua PoE Over Coax Transmitter – Supports Standard PoE Switches and Cameras LR1002-1ET


  • Supports IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u standards
  • Supports IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at power supply 
  • Port: 1*RJ45 10/100Mbps, 1*BNC
  • Supports RG59 coaxial cable: 400m/100Mbps, 
  • Supports MDI/MDIX self-adaption
  • Supports long range power supply transmission via coaxial