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LOX No Fire Rating: ES10 Extension Lip 15mm ES10-EL15


Brand: LOX
SKU: ES10-EL15

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The LOX ES10-EL15 ES10 Extension Lip 15mm is a reliable and practical accessory that enhances the functionality of latch systems. Its latch-free entry feature, avoidance of frame interference, suitability for aluminium and timber frames, and compatibility with ES10 make it a valuable addition to any door setup. With the ES10-EL15, you can enjoy dependable and hassle-free operation, ensuring the security and convenience you desire.




LOX ES10 Extension Lip 15mm ES10-EL15




The LOX ES10-EL15 ES10 Extension Lip 15mm is a versatile and practical accessory designed to enhance the functionality of your door latch system. This extension lip serves as an important intermediary component that allows for latch-free entry into the jaw of the strike, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing potential damage or wear.

One of the key advantages of the ES10-EL15 extension lip is its ability to avoid interference from the frame. Often, when traditional latch systems are used on certain types of doors or frames, there can be issues with alignment or fitment due to variations in the wood or metal construction. This can lead to frustrating and unreliable operation, as well as potential damage to the latch or strike. However, with the ES10-EL15 extension lip, you can bypass these problems and experience consistent and hassle-free performance.

The ES10-EL15 is particularly effective for use on aluminium and timber frames. These materials are commonly used in various construction applications and can present unique challenges when it comes to latch systems. The extension lip's durable and high-quality construction ensures that it can withstand the demands of frequent use and maintain its effectiveness in demanding environments.

Furthermore, the ES10-EL15 extension lip is designed specifically to suit ES10 latch systems. This compatibility ensures a seamless integration with your existing hardware, allowing for easy installation and dependable performance. The 15mm extension size provides the perfect amount of additional reach, catering to a wide range of door and frame configurations.



  • Extension lips allow the latch free entry into the jaw of the strike
  • Avoids interference from the frame
  • Ideal for use on aluminium and timber frames 
  • Suits ES10
  • 15mm Extension