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Elvox 692s.1 Power/Bus Separator For Elvox Due Fili Intercom Systems

Brand: ELVOX
SKU: ELV692S.1

The Elvox 692s.1 Power/Bus Separator offers a reliable and efficient solution for dividing conversation areas within Elvox Due Fili Intercom Systems. Its easy installation on the DIN rail, compact size, and compatibility with other system components make it a convenient choice for both new installations and system upgrades. With its durable construction and ability to maintain signal integrity, this power/bus separator ensures optimal performance and enhances the functionality of your intercom network.






Elvox 692s.1 Power/Bus Separator For Elvox Due Fili Intercom Systems




The Elvox 692s.1 Power/Bus Separator is an essential component designed specifically for Elvox Due Fili Intercom Systems. It serves the crucial function of separating conversation areas within the intercom network, enabling smooth communication between various units, landing entrance panels, and building complexes.

This power/bus separator is particularly useful in larger installations where multiple communication areas are required. By dividing these areas, the separator ensures that conversations remain localized and private, avoiding any unwanted interference or overlapping dialogues.

The installation of the Elvox 692s.1 Power/Bus Separator is effortless, thanks to its compatibility with the industry-standard DIN rail (60715 TH35). This design feature allows for easy integration into existing systems and optimal space utilization. The separator occupies a total of 4 module slots, each measuring 17.5 mm in size on the DIN rail.

In addition to its practical functionality, the 692s.1 Power/Bus Separator boasts a robust construction and high-quality components, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted communication within the intercom system. It effectively maintains the integrity of both the power and data buses, preventing any signal interference or voltage fluctuations that could compromise the system's performance.

By incorporating the Elvox 692s.1 Power/Bus Separator into your Due Fili Intercom System, you can enhance the overall efficiency and flexibility of your communication network. The separator's capability to isolate conversation areas enables targeted communication in specific zones, improving the overall user experience and facilitating better control and management of the intercom system.




Separator for dividing conversation areas, for use with intercom networks,
landing entrance panels and building complexes, installation on DIN rail
(60715 TH35), occupies 4 modules size 17.5 mm