ELVOX Due Fili Plus programmable device with 2 x 6 A 230 V~ change-over relays



The Elvox ELV69PH Programmable device is an advanced and versatile component designed to provide seamless control and operation in various applications. With its two 6 A 230 V~ change-over relays, this programmable device offers flexibility and reliability for complex electrical systems.

One of the standout features of the ELV69PH is its ability to operate in line with separate or correlated programming. This means that it can be programmed to function independently or in coordination with other devices, allowing for customized and synchronized operations.

In terms of programming, the ELV69PH offers multiple options. It can be manually programmed for standard functions, providing easy and straightforward operation. Additionally, for more advanced functions and precise customization, the device can be programmed using the 950C programmer or SaveProg software. This advanced programming capability ensures that the ELV69PH can meet the specific requirements of different applications.

The ELV69PH is not limited to a single mode of operation. In standard operation, it can be used as a monostable relay or call repeater. This versatility allows it to be tailored to various scenarios, whether it be controlling lighting systems, HVAC units, or acting as a reliable call repeater in intercom systems.

Installation of the ELV69PH is hassle-free, thanks to its DIN rail (60715 TH35) compatibility. This design feature enables easy mounting on standard DIN rails, providing a secure and organized installation. With a size of 4 modules, each measuring 17.5 mm, the ELV69PH optimizes space utilization, allowing for more efficient installation on the rail.

With its high current capacity and programmable functionality, the ELV69PH provides outstanding control and reliability for a wide range of applications. Its robust construction ensures durability and longevity, guaranteeing consistent performance even in demanding environments.