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Bosch Direct link adapter IUI-SOL-ADAPTER

Brand: BOSCH






Bosch Direct link adapter IUI-SOL-ADAPTER


Link Adapter (DLA) IUI-SOL-ADAPTER is a brand-new configuration tool that is designed for installers based on the concept of user experience. As an accessory of Solution Series panels, it can not only fulfil the basic need of panel programming and configuration files upload/download to/from the panel,

but also enables the remote control to the panel via A-Link Plus software and frees the installers from carrying a computer everywhere for the firmware upgrade, which is portable and simple.



  • File configuration
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Control panel remote control



Upload/Download configuration files.

DLA stores up to three-panel configuration files, connects DLA and panel with an SDI2 interconnect wiring connector and selects one of the files at one time by the jumper. Enter the installer programming menu via an alphanumeric or ICON codepad, upload the configuration file from DLA to the panel or download the configuration file from the panel to DLA by entering different installer codes.

Firmware upgrade

Connect DLA and panel with an SDI2 interconnect wiring connector; firmware file stored in DLA can be uploaded to the control panel for firmware upgrade.


Remote control

Connect DLA to the control panel with an SDI2 interconnect wiring connector, and then connect DLA to the PC using A-Link Plus with a USB cable. A-Link Plus can remotely control the control panel via DLA.


Parts included:

1x Direct Link Adapter

1x Quick Reference Guide

1x China RoHS Disclosure Table

1x USB cable

1x Hardware pack:

• One SDI2 interconnect wiring connector
• Three jumpers