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Dahua 8MP TiOC Active Deterrence 2.0 IP Bullet Fixed 2.8mm

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Brand: DAHUA

Dahua 8MP TiOC Active Deterrence 2.0 IP Bullet Fixed 2.8mm, Built-in Speaker,WDR, Micro SD,IP67,POE





Dahua 8MP TiOC Active Deterrence 2.0 IP Bullet Fixed 2.8mm


  • 8MP 1/2.8'' CMOS image sensor, low luminance, and high definition
  • Outputs max. 8 MP (3840 x 2160)@25/30 fps.
  • H.265 codec, high compression rate, ultra-low bit rate.
  • Built-in warm light and IR LED; the max. IR illumination distance is 30 m
  • ROI, SMART H.264+/H.265+, AI H.264/H.265, flexible coding, applicable
  • Rotation mode, WDR, 3D NR, HLC, BLC, digital watermarking, applicable
  • Intelligent monitoring: Intrusion, tripwire (the two functions support the
  • Abnormality detection: Motion detection, privacy masking, scene
  • Alarm: 1 in, 1 out; audio: 1 in, 1 out; supports max. 256 G Micro SD
  • 12 VDC/PoE power supply.
  • IP67 protection.
  • Sound and light alarm (red and blue lights).
  • SMD 3.0.
  • One-click arming/disarming through alarm input.


 What is TiOC 2.0?

With its foundation from the previous generation of TiOC, a variety of new innovative technologies are introduced in the latest TiOC 2.0 for the first time, achieving breakthroughs and quality improvements in illuminators, audio and images. At the same time, TiOC 2.0 can be integrated with alarm systems through software upgrades. It provides a better ecosystem that offers more convenient operation and better user experience.

 Key Features

product-image-descSmart Dual Illuminators

• Smart Illumination Mode (Default): Switch between IR Mode and white light when the target is detected.

    • product-image-descIR illuminator is on at night.

    • product-image-descWhite light turns on (PTZ Track) when a target appears.

    • product-image-descThe siren and light turn on (Active Deterrence) to warn the target.

    • product-image-descThe white light turns off (PTZ back to preset), and the IR illuminator turns back on when the target disappears.


• IR Mode (Optional): Only the IR illuminator is ON. It is suitable for scenes where supplementary white light is not required, significantly reducing light pollution.

• White Light Mode (Optional): Only the white light is ON. It is suitable for scenes that require colour video footage.

product-image-descVoiceCatcher Technology

• Newly-designed Dual Mic Array intercepts external circuit interference.

• Audio pick-up distance is increased by 7 meters compared with the previous version of TiOC in a lab environment.

• The Dahua VoiceCatcher reduces noise and extracts audible audio signals.

product-image-descBetter Image

• First Dahua camera powered by OPC (Optical Path Technology). It corrects the refraction angle of different light paths. With an F1.0 large aperture lens, it outputs brighter and clearer black-and-white images.

product-image-descFocus for visible light and IR light cannot be achieved on the same plane when using an F1.0 large aperture.
product-image-descFocus for visible light and IR light can be achieved on the same plane.

product-image-descWith the OPC technology, the details of the tree are clear, and the edges of the image are bright.

• 4K Real-time: Smooth 4K real-time images at 30 fps even when AI is enabled, with high brightness using F1.0 large aperture.

  • product-image-descNormal 4K Non-Real-Time

  • product-image-descEnhanced 4K Real-time

product-image-descEasy Operation

• Alarm-in Port: Allows alarm receiving or one-tap disarming through the alarm system interface.

• One-tap Disarming: Turns on/off the warning light and siren via the DMSS or alarm-in port.

• Alarm Sounds: Offers 11 built-in sounds and supports importing of custom voice audio for different scenarios.

    • product-image-descStore: "Welcome"product-image-desc

    • Dangerous Place: "No Entry"

    • product-image-descFire Exits: "No Parking"

    • product-image-descConstruction Sites: "Keep Out"

product-image-descAI Features
  • SMD 3.0

    • product-image-desc
      product-image-descSimple Configuration

      SMD 3.0 is enabled by default

    • product-image-descLonger Detection Distance

      Detection distance is increased by as much as 100% compared with SMD Plus

    • product-image-descHigher Detection Accuracy

      Maximum detection accuracy for human and vehicle targets can reach up to 99%.

    • product-image-descReduced False Alarms

      False alarm rate: <1%

  • Perimeter Protection

    • product-image-desc
      product-image-descAccurate Detection

      SMD 3.0 is enabled by default

    • product-image-descTarget Classification

      Focuses on human and vehicle targets

    • product-image-descQuick Target Search

      Target search efficiency is increased by 98%

    • product-image-descRemote Monitor

      Alarm push notification sending time: <1s

 Auto Tracking 3.0 (PTZ)

Smooth Tracking Process

Combined with the PFA 3.0 algorithm (a deep fusion of intelligent algorithms and focusing algorithms), it realises touchless focusing during the tracking and capturing process.

Long Tracking Distance

With the Automatic Tracking 2.0 algorithm as its foundation, the requirements on the tracking size of the target are further reduced, making the target size smaller and the tracking distance longer. The tracking distance of Automatic Tracking 3.0 can reach up to 870 meters.

Human Tracking Distance:


Vehicle Tracking Distance:



    • product-image-descPrivate Places

      • Less Light Pollution: Less use of white light means less light pollution

      • Active Deterrence: Warn off intruders during the intrusion

      • Color Monitoring: Presents colour alarm videos

      • Scenarios: Villas, shops, warehouses, etc.

    • product-image-descPublic Areas

      • Active Deterrence: Customized sounds and light alarms to warn the target in the area

      • Accurate Detection: Focuses on human and vehicle targets to accurately identify real targets

      • Ecosystem: One-tap disarming with alarm-in port or DMSS.

      • Scenarios: Fire exits, emergency exits, etc.