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Bosch Combined Smart & Prox Card Fob PR370

Brand: BOSCH
SKU: PR370

Bosch Proximity Keytag Prox + Smart Prox Dual Technology For Use With Sol6000 Access Control Readers






Bosch Combined Smart & Prox Card Fob PR370


The PR370 fob compatible with the Solution 6000 system, serving as a key component in the access control ecosystem. Its dual-functionality as both a smart card and a proximity card enhances its versatility, catering to various access control needs within different environments.

The smart card feature of the PR370 facilitates secure communication with the Solution 6000 system using advanced RFID technology. This enables encrypted communication between the card fob and access control readers, ensuring robust security measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access attempts.


Features Card Fob:

  • Could be programmed to set the alarm on and off with a single swipe
  • Easy to use. Simply swipe the keys across the keypad to automatically arm and disarm your system
  • work on the Solution 6000 panel, 144, and older Prox type keypads for Solution 16Plus and Solution 16i.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the access control functions
  • Suitable for people of all ages.



  • Solution 16i
  • Solution 16Plus
  • Solution 144
  • Solution 6000