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Bosch Ethernet Communication Module B426-M

Brand: BOSCH
SKU: B426-M

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Bosch Ethernet Communication Module B426-M


The Conettix Ethernet Communication Modules are four-wire powered SDI, SDI2, and Option bus devices that provides two-way communication with compatible control panels over IPv4 or IPv6 Ethernet networks.

Typical applications include:

• Reporting and path supervision to a Conettix Communications Receiver/Gateway.
• Remote administration and control with Remote Programming Software or A-Link.
• Connection to building automation and integration applications.


The modules (B426/B426-M) are built for a wide variety of secure commercial and industrial applications. Flexible end-to-end path supervision, AES encryption, and anti-substitution features make the modules desirable for high security and fire monitoring applications. Use the modules as stand-alone paths or with another communication technology.


  • Supports mobile app communication for AMAX and Solution Series control panels,
  • Full two-way IP event reporting with remote control panel programming support,
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet communication for IPv6 and IPv4 networks,
  • NIST-FIPS197 Certified for 128-bit to 256-bit AES Encrypted Line Security,
  • Plug and Play installation, including UPnP service to enable remote programming behind firewalls,
  • NIST-FIPS197 Certified for 128-bit to 256-bit AES Encrypted Line Security.


Conettix IP communication

The module uses Conettix IP protocol which supports:
• Full event code reporting and administration
• Flexible supervision intervals
• Resistance to Denial of Service attacks
• 128, 192, or 256-bit AES encryption
• Anti-replay and anti-substitution


Use the address switch to easily assign a bus address or setup for web configuration.

IP network support

The modules support DHCP, UPnP, and Auto IP addressing by default, but can also be configured for Static IP networks. The module is compatible with IPv6 or IPv4 networks. With compatible control panels, it supports reporting to receivers with Domain Name System (DNS) hostnames for automatic disaster recovery.

Easy configuration

For most installations, the default module settings allow installation with no computer required. An address switch allows easy bus address selection. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) supports automatic UDP port mapping for remote programming systems when behind a firewall, as well as HTTP port mapping for module web configuration. Auto IP enables a direct PC connection without changing any PC network settings. For customized network settings, the modules support a full web configuration menu.


The following control panels support RPS programming:

• B9512G/B9512G-E

• B8512G/B8512G-E

• B6512

• B5512/B5512E

• B4512/B4512E

• B3512/B3512E

• D9412GV4/D7412GV4/D7212GV4


Three LEDs provide status and troubleshooting

Fire monitoring applications:

The B426 meets UL864 and NFPA72 standards for Single Communication Technology with approved Bosch control panels.