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Aiphone LEF Series 3 Call Master Station LEF-3


Aiphone Lef Series Multi Wire Intercom 3 Call Button Audio Master Station White Commercial Mechanical Button Plastic Surface Mount Lock Output(Dry Contact) Comes With Wall Bracket 12VDC 180Hx143Wx53.5D (mm)LEF Series





Aiphone LEF Series 3 Call Master Station LEF-3 




The LEF-3 is a selective calling open voice style master station with the capacity of up to 4 total stations. The system can be designed to meet a wide variety of needs, including any combination of master and substations up to its maximum capacity.

Incoming calls from a sub or door station are annunciated with a momentary electronic mono-tone and an LED, remaining lit for approximately 20 seconds. Communication at the calling master is press-to-talk, release-to-listen. The person at the receiving station speaks hands-free. The person at the master station can selectively call and talk with a person at any other sub or master station in the system. The privacy feature on the master and selected subs prevents eavesdropping from the master station. A call can be received, but communication back to the calling master will be heard only after the privacy button is disengaged.

Measuring 180Hx143Wx53.5D (mm), the LEF-3 master station is compact and does not take up much space. It features three call buttons, allowing for easy and direct communication with multiple locations within your commercial space. Each call button has a mechanical design, ensuring a tactile and responsive user experience. This makes it simple for employees or visitors to initiate communication with specific areas or departments.



  • Provides internal communication to LEF master stations or LE door stations
  • ABS plastic housing
  • LED and call-tone indicators
  • Intermixable system with any number of master and sub stations to maximum capacity (11 units)
  • Selective calling and monitoring
  • Push-to-talk at master, hands-free reply at called station
  • Selective door release