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Aiphone LEF - LEM Series Stainless Steel Faceplate Audio Door Station LE-DA



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Aiphone LE Series 2-Wire Intercom 1 Button Audio Door Station Commercial Mechanical Button Stainless Steel/Plastic Surface/Recessed Mount IP33 Required Mounting Box Power By Monitor Bus 115Hx116Wx40D (mm)LEF-3, LEF-5/5W, LEF-10/10W, LEF-10S/10SW, LEF-3B, LEF-5B, LEF-10SB






Aiphone LEF - LEM Series Stainless Steel Faceplate Audio Door Station LE-D


The Aiphone LE-DA LE Series 2-Wire Intercom 1 Button Audio Door Station is a robust and reliable intercom device specifically designed for commercial use. This door station features a sleek and professional design, combining stainless steel and plastic materials for durability and aesthetic appeal. It can be surface-mounted or recessed, depending on your preference and the architectural requirements of your commercial space.

Measuring 115Hx116Wx40D (mm), the LE-DA door station is compact and unobtrusive, making it suitable for a variety of commercial applications. It features a single mechanical button for visitors to initiate communication with the interior monitoring station or other compatible intercom devices. This button is responsive and provides a tactile user experience, ensuring smooth and effortless operation.

The LE-DA door station is powered by the monitor bus, which guarantees a stable power supply and simplifies installation. With this power source, there is no need for a separate power connection, reducing clutter and potential complications. This power efficiency also makes it economical in the long run, as it minimises power consumption.

IP33-rated, the LE-DA door station offers protection against dust ingress and water sprays from any direction, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. This ensures reliable performance even in challenging environments, such as industrial or commercial settings with varying weather conditions.

To facilitate easy installation, the LE-DA door station requires a mounting box, which securely holds the device in place. This ensures a stable and reliable installation, preventing any accidental damage or displacement. Whether you choose the surface or recessed mounting option, this door station seamlessly integrates into your commercial space, providing secure and efficient communication at the entrance.

The LE-DA door station is compatible with the Aiphone LEF-3, LEF-5/5W, LEF-10/10W, LEF-10S/10SW, LEF-3B, LEF-5B, and LEF-10SB series, allowing for flexible integration and expansion of your intercom system. By connecting to compatible monitoring stations, you can establish seamless communication between the door station and other areas of your commercial space.



  • Provides communication and call-in
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Weather and vandal resistant
  • Hands-free communication when the master station answers