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Aiphone Two Door Adapter JOW-2D



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Aiphone Jo Series 2/4-Wire Intercom 2 Door Adaptor/Mixer Grey Residential Plastic Surface Mount Lock Output(Dry Contact) Comes With Wall Bracket 18VDC 108Hx122.5Wx60.5D (mm)JO Series




Aiphone Two Door Adapter JOW-2D






The JOW-2D is an adaptor for the JO Series video intercom system. It allows two video door stations to be used in a standard or app-enabled system. The adaptor has inputs for two JO Series video door stations and outputs to control door release for each of those door stations. When a visitor calls at the door station, his image will be displayed on the inside station(s). The person at the JO-1MDW, JO-1MD, or JO-1FD, answers the call, and if they decide to grant the visitor entry, pushes the door release button to activate the electric lock only at the associated door. If one door station is in use, the call button on the other door station will not activate a call-in.


The JOW-2D is designed for surface mount installation, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free setup. It comes with a wall bracket that securely holds the device in place, making installation quick and effortless. The compact dimensions of the JOW-2D, measuring 108Hx122.5Wx60.5D (mm), allow for a discreet placement that does not disrupt the overall aesthetics of the surrounding area.


Use the JOW-2D with JO Series systems that include the JO-1MDW app-compatible master station or the JO-1MD standard master station.



  • Allows a second door station to be connected to any JO Series system
  • Can be added to existing systems for expansion
  • Includes normally open contacts to activate a strike for unlocking the door