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Aiphone Monitor & Hands-Free Color Video Intercom Set JOS-1A



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Aiphone Video Intercom Kit Include 1XJO-DA Blk Surface Mount Video Door Station, 1XJO-1MD White 7" Monitor, 1X18VDC Power Supply *Max 2 Door 2 Room With JO-1FD* - JO-1MD JO Series 2/4-Wire Intercom Monitor White Apartment/Residential 7" Display LCD Plastic Surface Mount Lock Output(Dry Contact) Come With Wall Bracket 18VDC 130Hx230Wx21D (mm) - JO-DA JO Series 2/4-Wire Intercom 1 Button Video Door Station Black Apartment/Residential Mechanical Button Plastic Surface Mount IP54 Come With Wall Bracket Power By Monitor Bus 129H97Wx35.5D (mm)





Aiphone Monitor & Hands-Free Color Video Intercom Set JOS-1A


The Aiphone JOS-1A Video Intercom Kit is a comprehensive solution for enhancing security and communication in apartments or residential settings. This kit includes the necessary components to create a seamless video intercom system.

At the heart of the system is the JO-1MD JO Series 2/4-Wire Intercom Monitor. This monitor features a crisp and clear 7" LCD display that provides a high-resolution video feed from the connected door station. The monitor is designed for both apartment and residential use, offering a versatile solution for various living spaces. Showcasing a sleek white plastic surface mount design, the monitor seamlessly integrates into any interior decor.

Equipped with a lock output function, the JO-1MD monitor allows for remote control of door locks through a dry contact connection. This adds an extra layer of convenience and security, as homeowners can easily grant or deny access to visitors. The inclusion of a wall bracket simplifies the installation process, providing a sturdy and secure mounting solution.

The JO-DA JO Series 2/4-Wire Intercom 1 Button Video Door Station comes in a sleek black finish and is designed for apartment and residential use. The mechanical button allows for easy visitor access, while the IP54 rating ensures resistance against dust and water. This resilient construction enables the door station to withstand various weather conditions. Power is provided via the monitor bus, eliminating the need for an additional power supply. The door station also comes with a wall bracket for simple and secure installation.

With dimensions of 130Hx230Wx21D (mm), the JO-1MD monitor has a compact and space-saving design, making it suitable for various mounting options. Likewise, the JO-DA door station has dimensions of 129Hx97Wx35.5D (mm), allowing for unobtrusive placement.



  • Slim design
  • Electrostatic touch buttons
  • Color video camera with audio intercom
  • 2-way hands-free voice communication with JO master and expansion unit
  • Call button to initiate call to master(s)
  • White LED illuminator for low light conditions
  • Simple 2-conductor wiring



Video Intercom Set Including:

  • 1 x JODA Surface Plastic Door Station
  • 1 x JO1MD 7" Master Monitor
  • 1 x 18VDC 2Amp Plug Pack.